A-G Approval from iNACOL


The Korean Online Courses are successfully approved as an A-G subject by the International Association for K-12 Online learning (iNACOL) in May 2015. The student who completes these Korean Online Courses is able to achieve a formal grade from KECOS to apply to any campus of University of California.

The International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) has established quality standards for online courses, teaching and programs. Specifically within the area of online curriculum, iNACOL has developed 52 quality standards for content, instructional design, student assessment, technology, course evaluation and support, known collectively as the National Standards for Quality Online Courses.

UC requires all online courses to be assessed against the iNACOL Standards for Quality Online Courses before the course is submitted to UC for an “a-g” review. Institutions will conduct a self-assessment of their online courses against the iNACOL course standards.