KECOS online curriculum maintains the rigor of college preparatory courses while providing the flexibility of an online education. In our virtual learning environment, students have access to educational and technical support throughout the year.

Korean Education Center Online School offers:

• Year-round courses (Korean 1,2,3,4, 5, 6)
• Rigorous online curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards
• Transparency via the courses – accessible 24 hours a day
• Interactive, stimulating, and easy to use
• Flexible to use any electronic devise: PC, iPad, Tablet, Galaxy, iPhone…etc
• One-on-one interaction with a credentialed teacher
• Virtual teacher support

Four Key Features of the KECOS Curriculum:

1) Student-Empowered Learning    

KECOS courses empower students with personalized instruction that puts them at the center of their learning. We offer digital curriculum solutions to help every student be an active participant in his or her learning and prepare them for success in college and beyond. The course provides online learners with multiple ways of engaging with learning experiences that promote their mastery of content and are aligned with state or national content standards. The courses are accessible via PC, iPad, Tablet, and Mobile digital device at any time and in any location. The content is based on student needs; and provides ample opportunities for interaction and communication — student to student, student to instructor and instructor to student.

2) Program Competency    

Students come to KECOS at different levels of academic readiness. We remove barriers to learning by delivering a personalized learning experience, so each student receives the support they need to excel. The course content and assignments are aligned with the state’s content standards, common core curriculum or other accepted content standards set for Advanced Placement courses. This content is aligned with the ACTFL level of fluency and is made to make student knowledge advanced. The readability levels and appropriateness of the level are carefully reviewed and approved by a group of reviewers.

3) 21st Century Learning    

The course provides opportunities for students to engage in higher-order thinking, critical reasoning activities and thinking in increasingly complex ways. It also provides options for the instructor to adapt learning activities to accommodate students’ needs. Each lesson includes multiple opportunities for students to explore, apply, practice, and confirm their learning. Students are encouraged to visualize concepts through interactive modules and videos. This active learning approach develops critical thinking skills crucial for success in college and beyond.

4) Individualized Support   

The course design provides opportunities for appropriate instructor-student interaction, including opportunities for timely and frequent feedback about student progress. Clear and written timelines are given to students so that they can finish this course in a timely manner. Students can speed up or slow down through a course at their own pace. In addition, each student has access to continual guidance and feedback from the opt-in support and scaffolds integrated into the curriculum. Each course’s virtual teacher is also available to answer any questions.