Establishment of IKEN


1. Facts about Korean Dual Language Program

KDLP was established in 1992 in LAUSD as one of the options under Blingual Education Program.

KDLP delivers Korean and English instructions from Kindergarten to 12th grade with high expectation of students in all academic areas. Main objective of KDLP is to promote complete biliteracy.

KDLP is not only for Korean heritage students but also for non-Korean heritage students who can expect to learn to be bilingual but also bicultural. While students are learning about Korean roots, Korean heritage students will develop not only their self identity but also learn to appreciate multiculturalism and globalization.

2. Understanding the importance of early education of Korean language

Early language education is crucial in effective language acquisition.

Students who participate in KDLP from kindergarten have better chances of acquiring native-like languages compare to those starting language education later in life.

3. Facts about KDLP Educators

– Certificated educators working in US public school
– 1.5 generation who are fluent in both Korean and English
– Technology proficient new generation of educators

4. Challenges of decrease in educational funding

– Many of qualified KDLP educators are in danger of losing their teaching positions due to global economy not at its best.
– Need for additional support of KDLP from a private entity/organization

5. Need for a new organization with distinctive goal

While recognizing the successes of all organizations which may share the similar vision, such pre-existing organizations may not have full comprehension of KDLP to amply advocate for the program.