As a non-profit organization, IKEN will foster and support the educators and their students and parents in the Korean Dual Language program and Korean language classes in public/private schools in the United States.

IKEN understands the critical importance of early language education in effective second language acquisition so that IKEN has developed the Korean Online Contents (K-12th level) aligned Common Core State Standards and Korean National Standards and to focus its resources to reach out to parents to become active partners along with students in efforts to have Advanced Placement (AP) Korean Language in U.S. high schools.

IKEN educators provide second generation Korean heritage students with opportunities to master Korean language, culture, and self identity while providing non-Korean students with vast opportunities to appreciate Korean culture. These teachers will foster healthy competition among the young leaders of tomorrow who will build stronger bridges of linguistic and cultural understanding throughout the world.

IKEN educators share lessons and materials for Korean language and cultural content from their classrooms via the IKEN platform and will continue to network between current KDLP teachers, college professors, and other educators all over the world who are dedicated to promote education about Korea for the next generations.