Jikji- The Extant Oldest Metal Printed Book in the World

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The Curriculum of the Jikji Workshop

Title: Korean Culture Promotion to K-12 Students including Korean Printing History

Organization: International Korean Educators Network (IKEN)

Activity Description:


To Teach Korean culture and history including printing history with Korean heritages which have been registered by UNESCO as memory of world heritage, Jikji, and Tripitaka Koreana to Korean class students of four public schools in California, and let students know about printing history of Korea.

To make students find wrong information on movable metal type printing system, and discuss about how to correct wrong information on the public school textbook.


  1. Lecture and study about Korean culture and history including Jikji, Korean heritages which have been recognized as memory of world heritage by UNESCO
  • General Info on Jikji
  • History of Jikji
  • Value of Jikji
  • Comparison between Gutenberg Bible and Jikji
  • UNESCO and Jikji
  1. Show the promotional video, “Jikji-The Missing History of Metal Type Printed Book, created by Joyful Korean School kids, parents and teachers and take quizzes on the content of video.
  2. Let students discuss about what they learned and how to request publishers to correct wrong info on the American textbooks.
  3. Hands-on activity – Writing the name of the book “Jikji” either in Korean or English on the prepared paper with brush pens. The statement “The Extant Oldest Metal Type Printed Book in the World” will be titled and the shape of “Jikji” book will be printed as watermark on the papers.
  • Students will write the word ‘Jikji’ and their names in Korean on the printed page.
  • Take a photo holding their own product
  1. Students will receive a Jikji bookmark as a gift.
  2. Creating video clips on what they learned including Jikji

Students will be required to create a product, a video clip about what they learned through this project to promote Jikji and Tripitaka Koreana to people who do not know about them.

*One student who created the best product of each school would be selected and recommended to be appointed as Jikji promoters from the City of Cheongju in Korea.

Final Product: video clips to promote Korean culture

Outcome: Students will know Korean printing history including the fact that Jikji was printed in 1377, 78 years earlier than Gutenberg printed in 1455. They may request to correct wrong info on their social studies textbook. Students will create products to show their understanding of Jikji and the products will be used to promote Jikji.

Students Works: Students will put their final products, video clips about what they have learned on youtube, and submit an application with youtube lik for the video contest.

Awards: The three winners of each workshop will receive certificate of awards at the IKEN conference.

The winners will be recommended to be appointed as the Youth Jikji Promoters from the City of Cheongju.


IKEN 직지 워크숍 동영상 대회 (IKEN Jikji Workshop & Jikji Video Contest)

2017년 – Milpitas High School, Lowell High School and Claire Lilienthal Alternative School-Jikji Project

직지 동영상대회 안내 (Announcement of 2017 IKEN Jikji Video Contest)

*Jikji UCC Contest

  1. Content: Anything related to “Jikji” to promote what you learned through this Jikji project to your friends who do not know about Jikji
  1. Length: 1-1.5 minutes
  1. Language: English or Korean with English subtitle
  1. How to submit: Name your video as “2017 Jikji Video Contest_(School Name)_(Students’ Name)”, upload it on youtube and send the link with the following info to  klacfsf@gmail.com



Title of Video:


  1. Deadline: 10/20

You will be notified by Oct. 30th if you win via e-mail.

  1. Awards (1 team per prize):
  1. Gold prize
  1. Silver prize
  1. Bronz prize
  1. You can do this either as a group of maximum 4 or individual work, but if you win, you will need to share a scholarship with your team members.
  1. Contact: klacfsf@gmail.com
  1. All participants of this contest can get 5 hours of community service hours from the Korean Language and Culture Foundation. You may also get extra credit for submitting your UCC from your Korean teacher. Ask your teacher.


수상작 (Awardees)










언론 보도

미주중앙일보 기사: http://www.koreadaily.com/news/read.asp?art_id=5661785



참가 학교: Oxford Academy and Fairfax High School

동영상 대회 수상작








언론 보도자료


참가 학교: La Mirada High School and Gardena High School

동영상 링크

1st Prize: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9uvbIQmou0

2nd Prize: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG3t_D5VRW4


3rd Prize: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQx9Z-KJtjs


언론 보도자료