Request for Korean Textbook Orientation Workshop

Subject: Request for Korean Textbook Orientation Workshop

Dear School administrators,

IKEN would like to offer a tailored orientation workshop to effectively utilize the Korean textbooks in your specific school context. Unlike a general workshop conducted annually, this IKEN workshop will be designed to cater to the unique needs of your school and teachers.  Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated as we plan and prepare for the customized workshop. We are eager to optimize our teaching methods and make the most of IKEN Korean textbooks within your school’s specific requirements.  Please complete this Google Survey as soon as possible.

To facilitate the workshop organization, kindly provide the following information:

  1. Number of participating teachers:
    • How many teachers will attend the workshop?
  2. Preferred timing and duration:
    • When would be a suitable time for the workshop? How many hours?
  3. Resource expectations:
    • Do you prefer a workshop for IKEN textbooks, IKEN online materials, or both?
      • IKEN Standard Korean textbooks only  (      )
      • IKEN Online materials (        )
      • Both  (       )
  4. Workshop components:
    • Please check all components you would like to include:
      • Korean language contents
      • Korean cultural components
      • Content-based instruction
      • Differentiated instruction
      • Class management
      • Pacing plan
      • Daily schedule
      • Students recruiting
      • Parents relations
      • Organizing Korean culture related special events
  5. Additional information request: What other aspects or specific areas would you like to focus on regarding maintaining the Korean Dual Immersion program or Korean language classes in an effective way?

Thank you for your assistance. We look forward to your reply.


IKEN Admin